A Divine Relationship: After the Oath

"Well, I just happen to be in a hiring position. And I could be Mr. Wednesday with a shake of the hand." - American GodsPhoto by Pixabay on Pexels.com So you took a look at my previous post about oaths, did everything that I talked about and then some, and now you are oathed and [...]

A Divine Relationship

Awhile back I was approached by someone who had an interest in becoming a shaman for Odin. This idea looked to me like it came right out of the blue as it was from a person who never mentioned they were pagan in the first place. I firmly believe this person had done no research [...]

Honor to the Descecrated

Hail to the Fallen Gods The unknown faces To the ones that have lost With names unknown Hail to our ancestors To those forced to watch As their hearts were shredded On their own land Hail to the Gods we know Whose shrines were destroyed Their followers broken And lights growing dim We honor you [...]

Worshiping the Gods of Your Ancestors

My current altar, with it’s combination of Druid, Norse, Wiccan and Hindu aspects. Last week I wrote a post that talked about my personal spiritual practices called Mixing Traditions. I posted it in one of the social media groups I frequent, and was surprised to immediately get feedback from several people telling me that I [...]

Spiritual Practices

My work set of prayer beads, and my bullet journal that contains many prayers and spells that I regularly use. Awhile back, I was told that I do more daily spiritual work than the average pagan. I don't know if that is true, but I wouldn't be surprised as between spiritual training, doing readings for [...]

Mixing Traditions

Sometimes I envy other pagans that find themselves firmly established in one spiritual tradition. Many facebook friends and bigger name pagans that I admire seem to effortlessly stay within one tradition, whether it be Druid, Witch or Northern Tradition. Sure they do work in other traditions from time to time, and many even have Gods [...]